emsigning Well, it's been quite a month. On May 24th, we launched Dude to Dad: The First Nine Months. It was like the birth of a third child and your response was overwhelming. The same day we reached #1 on Amazon.com.

By the end of the rollercoaster, we reached #1 in Motherhood, #2 in Fatherhood, #4 in Marriage (which Mrs. Dude giggled at), and #215 of the 8,000,000 books listed on Amazon. We ended up #2 Mover & Shaker of ALL books on Amazon (Gwenyth Paltrow was #6!) It's the #4 Hot New Release in Parenting (behind 3 of Jim Gaffigan's books). And, #1 Hot New Release in Motherhood, Fatherhood, Marriage, & Family Relationships. You can still buy your copy here: http://bitly.com/dudetodad

The press caught wind of it and we saw some incredible coverage (click each title for the article):

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As we move past the book launch and Fathers Day 2013, it feels like a good time to share what the future holds. When we signed contracts with Familius last year, they believed enough in everything we have been doing to commit to 3 Dude to Dad books over the next several years. As a result, we've already begun to write the second book, which should be released in time for Father's Day 2014.

The next book will be focused on raising what I call "a child of possibility." I don't know much yet about what the book will look like, but I do know that the entire Dude to Dad community will be much more involved in this creation. On August 9, Emerson and I have been invited to speak about some of this at TEDxFargo. We hope you'll check it out!


Final thought: On that first day and every day since, I've felt severely vulnerable and self-conscious as so many people that I know and love have opened envelopes containing their copies of the book. Your words of congratulations and praise have been felt deeply by my entire family. I just hope it has been worth your time and $10. Please know that none of this would have been possible without all of you. Whether you've been following along for five years or have just found Dude to Dad, you are deeply appreciated. Have a great week.